Microblading and your next holiday

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Microblading is the perfect pre-holiday treatment; your brows will last from beach to bar, with no top-ups or worry about makeup smudging. But did you know the timing of your appointment is vital to the results you flaunt whilst away?

I always ask my clients when their next holiday is; I want to make sure I see them for their initial appointment and the re-touch appointment before their trip – and I always recommend leaving it another couple of weeks before hitting the beach after that.

Say your summer holiday is in August, I’d want to see you for your initial appointment around May/June, then your re-touch in July, to make sure your brows are looking their best and fully healed before you jet off.

Brow healing and aftercare is just as important as choosing the right technician. Exposure to UV and chlorine or salt water can really impact your final results during the healing process. Even after your brows have healed I recommend keeping them protected with a high factor SPF.

It is important to let the skin heal without over exposure to heat, UV or water as this can impact pigment retention. I recommend waiting at least two or three weeks before swimming: Chlorine is a bleach and during healing this can really impact how well your skin retains the pigment.

So, if you’re thinking about microblading or permanent makeup for your brows, make sure you book your treatment in plenty of time before your next holiday (my team can help you work this out whilst your booking). Once they’ve healed, you’ll have perfect beach ready brows that will last longer than your tan lol.

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