Official Beauty Mentor To Amy Childs

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Karen Betts is one of the world’s leading beauticians; she is loved by celebrities and the public alike and is MD of the largest Permanent Makeup School In Europe; Nouveau Beauty Group. It has been announced today that Karen, beauty industry front runner is now the celebrity beauty mentor to Reality Star and TV Sweetheart, Amy Childs.

With the guidance of Karen, Amy Childs has recently opened her very own beauty salon in Essex. As shown on Amy’s Channel 5 Reality Show, beauty guru Karen was behind every step of her venture, guiding and advising to ensure that this business became another great success of the ever growing Amy Childs Empire.

Karen is also behind Amy’s new beauty venture – Amy Childs’ Lashes. Amy Childs has joined forces with Karen’s renowned beauty lash brand Blink+Go to bring you her debut strip eyelash range. Amy’s exclusive lash collection offers a selection of eight high-quality affordable lash styles all different to suit every girl and every occasion. These lashes are a personal triumph for Amy being a respected figure herself now in the beauty world. This is a project and a product which has taken hours of Amy and Karen’s time and dedication to ensure it is right by their very high beauty standards.

To celebrate the launch of Amy’s fantastic lashes – Karen and Nouveau Beauty Group have worked with Amy to offer a specialist training course to become a ‘Strip Lash Professional’ for only £95. It is very important to Amy and Karen to educate the public and beauticians alike in beauty training and inform consumers on how to use their products. This strip lash training course (which Amy has completed herself) is supported by The Guild of BeautyTherapists, so in celebration of Amy’s new lashes and thanks to Karen Betts you can now start to apply strip lashes with professional precision and confidence.

With Karen’s guidance, the Amy Childs’ Lashes by Blink+Go are sure to take the beauty world by storm and prove to be yet another great beauty and business success for Amy Childs.

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