Karen Betts’ Permanent Makeup Training Academy Wins Industry Award

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Karen Betts was delighted to win ‘The Safety in Beauty Diamond Award’ in Excellence and Dedication to Safety in Beauty at this year’s prestigious London White Party event on 2nd July.


Facing stiff competition from many other reputable and highly commended companies in the Medical and Advanced beauty sector, Nouveau Contour UK (Karen’s Permanent Makeup Training Academy) won this magnificent accolade in the ‘Best Training & Professional Development’ category.

As well as being recognised as a world renowned permanent makeup artist, Karen is regarded as a highly influential industry educator and leader. She set up Nouveau Contour UK in 2001 and the company is now considered one of the leading training academies for permanent makeup throughout the UK. As well as providing top quality training in permanent makeup and medical tattooing, Nouveau Contour UK are also advocates of continuing professional development, offering opportunities and support for both their students and any permanent makeup artists trained elsewhere by hosting a number of events, seminars and workshops each year.

Under Karen’s guidance the company has won many industry awards and accolades over the years, and trained thousands of students.

Karen collected the award at the ceremony which took place at the White Party in London – also a fundraiser for the Katie Piper Foundation. Karen said: “I feel honoured to have won the award. My fabulous team and I are 110% dedicated to delivering the next generation of permanent makeup artists and take great pride in everything we do. I’d like to thank my amazing team who are incredibly passionate and dedicated to providing the best possible training, service and support for all our of our artists.”

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