Angie R.

“I’m so glad I found Karen and her team! Having suffered with Alopecia since I was 7, getting eyebrows for the first time was a big deal. Karen made me feel completely at ease, in fact the whole team showed great compassion. Having just returned for Karen to do my eyeliner, I feel like I’ve finally got my face back! Cannot recommend Karen and the team enough. Forever grateful. x”


Brows and eyeliner


Angie had lost all her brows and lashes as a result of Alopecia. She found this very hard to deal with, and felt like she had lost her face – the definition was gone and so was her identity.


Karen gave Angie a full set of brows using the 3D Hair stroke technique, to add definition to Angie’s face. She also created the illusion of eyelashes by applying eyeliner, with a combination of shading and hair strokes. Angie is over the moon and is much happier in herself.