Top 5 Beauty Trend Predictions for 2017

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With a new year comes new trends, so what better time to start thinking about the latest beauty treatments and looks than right now. If you are looking to spruce yourself up this year or you simply want to try out some new looks, then read on.

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You may have heard about the latest buzzword in Permanent Makeup but the truth is, it’s here to stay. By using a hand-held tool to create tiny hair strokes, this technique gives the illusion of the most natural looking brows. This method of permanent makeup is a firm favourite amongst celebrities and the great thing is they look so good, no one will ever know you’ve had them done.


These super shiny nails have swept the internet with their mirror finish, the way the chrome powder is applied leaves us mesmerised. The craze shows no sign of slowing down and whether you opt for just one nail or the whole lot, this look is sure to get you noticed!


In contrast to the flamboyant nails that are everywhere comes stripped back makeup. The au natural look has been sported by the likes of Alicia Keys who now actively supports the bare faced look – even on the red carpet! There are some tricks to master this fresh stripped back look though; a tinted moisturiser or bb cream should even the skin tone but still give that no-makeup, makeup look that is so popular. A subtle permanent lash enhancement can make your eyes pop without the need for piling on the eyeliner every day and a set of the finest hair stroke brows is the most natural looking way to frame your face.


The beautifully blended hair look, balayage, is a technique that has helped many women master this two-toned look. This year though, opt for more ashy tones rather than caramel to bring your ‘do bang up to date!


Perfectly kissable lips with a hint of colour is perfect for an understated spring look. Choose a multitasking product like a cheek and lip stain or, if you want smudge proof lips all day everyday, a permanent lip blush treatment could be the perfect way to define and add fullness to your lips.

If you want to add some subtle definition to your look this year, enquire about a Permanent Makeup treatment with Karen Betts or one of her Elite Artists and realise your new-found confidence. Call 0844 801 6838 or email [email protected].
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