Permanent Eyeliner. Really?

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Does the thought of applying eyeliner every single morning fill you with dread? Do you long for perfect flicks, but don’t even know where you’d start to create such a work of art? Are you sick of the same lengthy process every morning? In this day and age, with our busy and hectic routines, the morning makeup routine doesn’t allow much time for perfecting our eyeliners and it feels like most times we’ve got no longer than10 minutes in the morning to apply a full face of makeup. Most of the time eyeliner is abandoned, as it’s just too tricky and there just isn’t enough time to get it perfect; there’s always one side that’s not quite right, one flick bigger than the other or an askew line that’s decided to flitter off and do its own thing. Even if you do strike it lucky and step out having given yourself the perfect eyeliner, there’s no guarantee of how long it could last before it’s smudged, or hindered by sunshine or rain.

So most of us manage a bit of eye shadow, a coat of mascara and we’re out of the door.

But, there’s no disputing how much of an impact eyeliner can have on your eyes, making them stand out, and generally look really pretty. Eyeliner was first used way back in 10,000 BC in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, making it incredibly likely that it was the first make-up product ever invented! No surprises that women used eyeliner, but even men used thick and heavy eyeliner around their entire eye in ancient times to enhance their looks.

What would you say if we told you we had the perfect solution for you to have the perfect eyeliner day in day out, without even having to apply it? Intrigued? A permanent eyeliner treatment could be the perfect solution.

Usually, people recoil in horror at the mention of a tattoo anywhere near their eye, but it’s really not that bad – honest! There are many different looks that can be created – from the most subtle to the outright dramatic. A ‘lash enhancement’ for example, is a delicate line which runs through the lashes, to give the appearance of fullness and volume, making the eyes look more defined. Or maybe you’re thinking about a slightly more made-up look such as a smoky pencil effect? Perhaps you love the drama of a winged liquid liner and want to wake up looking glamorous every single morning? Whatever your style, an eyeliner treatment could be the answer to your eyeliner prayers.

As with any permanent makeup treatment, the first thing we carry out here at Karen Betts Professional is a thorough consultation to determine what look you are trying to achieve. We understand that everyone is different, and so it’s very much a joint decision between you and the artist on what the end result will look like. Karen Betts and the Elite Artistswill also talk about the colour options available. It doesn’t have to be black! Sometimes subtle tones of colour such as brown or grey can look beautiful and natural, whereas a green, blue or purple can really enhance the eyes and make them look utterly stunning. Next, the artists draw the eyeliner on very precisely, making sure it’s exactly the right thickness and any flicks are perfect. Once you have approved this stage, they are ready to commence with the procedure.

Does permanent eyeliner hurt? We hear you ask through gritted teeth.

The tattooing process can be daunting when thinking about the eye area, and we understand why. “But it’s your EYES!” is the reaction we hear frequently. The bigger eyeliners can be slightly more uncomfortable, but the artist will numb the area with topical anaesthetics throughout the treatment to ensure there is very little or no pain.

The main thing you will feel is the vibration of the machine and a bit of tickling through the lashes! That’s right – TICKLING! No need to worry if you blink, or if your eyes water, you just need to relax into the treatment and let the artist deal with all of that.

After an eyeliner treatment you can expect some swelling which normally subsides within 24-48 hours. You will not be able to wear mascara for a week and you must keep the eyes as dry as possible during this time. After 4 weeks, you will probably notice a few gaps here and there, or uneven colour. This is a normal part of the healing process, and why we offer the treatment as a two part procedure. We’ll get another appointment in the diary for you to come back for a ‘retouch’ appointment in order to perfect these areas.
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