Karen Betts nominated for the EOY awards

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This year marks the 20th year of the prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year UK Awards. Over the last two decades the awards have celebrated, supported and connected entrepreneurs. We were thrilled to learn that our inspirational director, Karen Betts, had been nominated for an award under the EY Entrepreneur of the Year North Award!

The award celebrates innovation in the North covering sectors such as technology, education, marketing, energy, financial services and retail. Karen was selected as a finalist from the Wakefield district along with Tom Marley who is the chief executive of The Car Buying Group. Victoria Price, partner and EY Entrepreneur of the year leader in the North, said: “I’m so proud to lead this programme for EY in the North because I know it supports the incredible entrepreneurial community we have here.

“This year’s programme is recognising and connecting another 20 Northern businesses, which create jobs and generate wealth, contributing to the continued growth of the North’s economy.” The awards ceremony was held in Manchester in June and was hosted by Jeremy Vine. The North judging panel was chaired by Peel Ports Group chief executive Mark Whitworth and included Sarah Louise Fairburn, brand and sales director at L J Fairburn & Son, Tayyab Akhlaq, director of Public Desire,, Matthew Hirst, chief executive of Utiligroup, Alison Fielding, venture partner at IP Group, Glenn Timms, chief executive of IESA and Catherine Richards, partner at Inflexion Private Equity.

Karen didn’t scoop an award on this occasion, but was thrilled with reaching the regional finals – a huge accomplishment. We would like to extend our congratulations to Jacqui Hall, the Managing Director of Contract Natural Gas, who will be going through to the finals in London in November. Well done Jacqui!
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