Karen Betts gives Ben the confidence to pop the question in front of the nation

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Ben Long had been affected by Alopecia which had been holding him back from proposing to his girlfriend. Karen Betts stepped in to help him to pop the question after a transformative year.

In a bid to get his confidence back, Ben took to the popular TV show; This Time Next Year. The show, hosted by Davina McCall, sees guests pledging to make a transformation or reach a goal over 12 months before re-visiting the show with their results. Speaking to Davina, Ben explained how fearful he felt when he kept waking up to find hair on his pillow in the mornings. Soon after, he was diagnosed with Alopecia which saw his confidence sink as his image changed. Ben’s ultimate goal was to go through a transformation in order to help him regain his confidence before taking to the stage on his return to the show and proposing to his girlfriend, Justine. “Proposing is going to be the drive and determination for me.” Ben said. “It hasn’t changed the way she feels about me, but I know I am not the person she fell in love with.”

To help him along the way on his journey to finding confidence, Ben sought the expertise of Permanent Makeup professional, Karen Betts, to restore his eyebrows. Karen is one of the UK’s leading authorities in Permanent Makeup and Medical Tattooing, so she worked with Ben to restore his eyebrows by Microblading them – a form of eyebrow tattooing where pigment is placed under the skin with a specialist machine to mimic natural hair-like strokes that look just like real eyebrows. Ben returned to the show 12 months later absolutely beaming with his new-found confidence. “I had thought about proposing but I just couldn’t do it. I didn’t feel like the person Justine fell in love with.” Ben said. “That year gave me the chance and the drive to build that back up again.” After a quick chat with Davina, Ben took to the stage and asked a very shocked Justine to marry him in front of the audience. Of course, she said yes! We are so thrilled to see the positive impact that permanent makeup has had on Ben’s life. There is no better feeling than giving the gift of confidence. Congratulations Ben and Justine!

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