Karen Betts and her clinics

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Owned and run by the award-winning pioneering permanent makeup artist, Karen Betts Ltd permanent makeup and microblading clinics are located within the UK and offer a range of innovative treatments.

Karen Betts has long been known as a true expert in her field thanks to her wealth of knowledge and experience within the world of permanent makeup. From beautiful permanent cosmetic work to the most stunning restorative medical tattoo work, Karen is a true artist and gives her clients the gift of confidence with every treatment.

In her clinic, Karen uses her very own multi-award-winning cosmetic pigment range that she developed over several years with the help of industry experts. The pigments have been specially designed to offer the most beautifully natural results for Karen’s clients and even contain antiseptic properties and moisturising ingredients that can aid the healing process.

As well as using the very best pigments on the market, Karen also uses her custom-designed Microblading hand tool – the K.B Pro® Glider. The Glider is the first of its kind and mimics the movements that Karen uses within her permanent makeup treatments (carried out with a cosmetic tattoo machine) giving the most realistic, beautiful results.

Operating from three clinics based in Yorkshire, Cheshire and London’s Harley Street, Karen brings her expertise to clients across the UK.

Karen’s Yorkshire permanent makeup clinic is in the bustling market town of South Elmsall. Housed inside the Nouveau Hair and Beauty Salon, this is where Karen began her permanent makeup career many years ago.

Karen’s Yorkshire clinic promises a warm welcome and has parking available nearby for your convenience.

Karen’s Cheshire permanent makeup clinic is located inside the beautiful Medispa at Brynwood House, Alderley Edge. The luxuriously modern, private clinic allows you to relax in comfort and style as your permanent makeup or microblading treatment is carried out.

Harley Street, London
Karen’s London permanent makeup clinic is conveniently located at number 1 Harley Street. Based on the 3rd floor, the beautifully modern clinic offers a warm, friendly environment for your permanent makeup or microblading treatment.

Karen offers a number of treatments at each of her clinics:

Permanent Makeup and Microblading for Brows
Permanent Makeup Eyeliner
Permanent Makeup for Lips
Permanent makeup for Men
Permanent makeup for Hair Loss
Cleft Lip Permanent Makeup Restoration
Nipple and Areola Tattooing
Permanent makeup for Scars and Burns

Whatever permanent Makeup or Microblading treatment you’re looking for, we invite you to contact Karen’s friendly team on 01977 526085 to discuss your requirements

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1 Harley Street,
Suite 5, 3rd Floor,
London, W1G 9QD

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Medispa Cheshire,
Brynwood House, Wilmslow Road,
Alderley Edge, SK9 7QL

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Nouveau Hair & Beauty,
Doncaster Road,
South Elmsall, WF9 2HX

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