Eyebrows for your face shape – expert advice from Elite Artist Vikki Banton

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You’ve seen the articles advising what hairstyle would best suit your face shape, but what about considering your face shape when deciding on your brow shape?

Karen Betts and our Elite Artists are experts in identifying face shapes and deciding on the perfect brow for each and every one of our clients, and now Karen’s Elite Artist Vikki Banton can share some insider tips that you can follow at home!

Whether you are still pencilling your eyebrows in each morning or considering permanent eyebrows, take note of the following tips to either carry out at home or keep in mind for your initial consultation with us.

We all know it isn’t a case of one brow fits all, and it’s extremely important to assess a face shape before a pencil is even picked up to start outlining the desired shape of a brow. To start with, Vikki suggests you look at the 7 main face shapes on the gorgeous celebs above.

If you’re not able to clearly identify what face shape you are from the silhouettes in the image, it’s time to take a good look in the mirror and start analysing. Let’srun through each of the shapes…

Oval: Could you be an oval? If so, you should count your blessings, as an oval face is considered to be the ideal facial shape due to its perfect proportions. An oval face is wider across the forehead than the jawline with flatter sides. Overall, the vertical features of this face shape slightly dominate the horizontal ones. Most brow shapes will suit you if you have an oval face shape.

Tip: Curved or soft angled brows with no harsh lines or angles are best

Rectangle: This face shape is long and slender with the same width at the forehead, cheekbones and jawline. The vertical features are more pronounced in relation to the horizontal ones.

Tip: To create the illusion of a less long face, you want fuller, flatter and more angular brows

Round: This face shape generally has an overall round appearance, with the face being almost as wide as it is long. With a round face, the chin and hairline are likely to be round with the widest point at the cheeks and ears. A round face is sometimes considered as an unflattering face shape, but there are several celebrities with round faces including Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Winslet and Charlotte Church. Round brows would make the face appear more round but square or angular brows would look out of place next to the soft facial features. Takeaway Tip:

Tip: Avoid square, angular or strong brows and opt for slightly curved, soft brows

Square: A square face is determined by the horizontal and vertical proportions being almost identical. People with this face shape often have a strong, square jawline and a square hairline. Angled or soft angled brows are best for this face shape to compliment the features. Takeaway Tip:

Tip: Ensure your brows have some height on the arch of the brow to give the illusion of a longer face to distribute proportions.

Heart: A person with this face shape will have wide cheekbones or a wide forehead, with the face narrowing to a small delicate chin. Here the length of the face is dominant, so to compliment these dominant features you should go for a soft angled or slightly curved brow which is shorter in length. This helps to create more balance between the wider cheek bones and narrow chin.

Tip: If you have a heart shape face it’s good to note that creating round brows will make your face look more like a love heart, whereas flat brows will make it appear more like a triangle.

Pear: This face shape is the opposite of the heart shaped face. The jawline is the widest measurement and the face narrows towards the cheekbone and temples. Imagine a heart upside down.

Tip: Ensure your brows are positioned further apart to create an illusion of width to the upper part of your face.

Diamond: Are you a diamond? Of course you are. But do you have a diamond shape face? Your forehead and jawline are likely to be similar in width, being narrower than the cheekbones which are the widest measurement of the face. Imagine it as a cross between a heart and a dramatic oval shape.

Tip: Your brows need to be softly angled to help soften the sharp angles of your face.

We hope this has helped shed some light on exactly what face shape you have and what eyebrow shape will best suit you. A huge thanks to Vikki for sharing these top tips. For anyone who pencils in their eyebrows, we really hope you find this useful, and if you’ve identified your face shape and can see that you’ve maybe been drawing on your eyebrows incorrectly, we challenge you to follow Vikki’s tips to create the brow which is best suited to your face shape.

We see clients each and every day who are tired of drawing their brows on each morning and long for a more permanent fix. A permanent eyebrow treatment provides the ultimate solution giving you beautifully shaped eyebrows which are perfectly suited to your face. With experts like Vikki, and the rest of our permanent makeup artists, you can be sure your eyebrows and face, no matter what shape it is, will be in good hands.
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