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When it comes to permanent makeup and microblading the aftercare is just as important as choosing the right technician. After all, you want to get the most out of your treatment and ensure the maximum longevity. After working in this industry for such a long time I’ve seen some aftercare blunders that have resulted in client’s basically loosing their brows.

I really can’t stress enough how important it is to follow your technician’s aftercare advice – I tell my clients to consider my guidelines as more of a bible for the very best results.  Along with my aftercare information I give all my clients some of my K.B Pro Care & Repair Balm, it’ a gentle formula that does what it says on the tin.

Another important factor to remember when it comes to aftercare is your skintype: Pigment retention and longevity does depend your individual skin type, but there are a few golden rules I pass onto all my clients to help them get the most out of their treatment (particularly brows):

Over exposure to UV is one of the biggest culprits of pigment fade: I tell all my clients to use sunscreen daily or invest in a moisturiser with SPF to protect the area. As well as helping protect the pigment, any good dermatologist will tell you that sunscreen should be part of everyone’s skincare routine – it’s key to mine.

You may need to adjust your skincare routine slightly as well. Whilst glycolic acid is an amazing ingredient for boosting collagen and revealing smoother, brighter skin, it’s also an exfoliant which means it’s no friend to permanent cosmetics. Some of my clients do swear by glycolic products, so I tell them to use product sparingly and to always, always avoid their brows. Another one of my ‘top tips’ is to use mineral make-up. Mineral based makeup is kind to your skin and that means it’s kind to your permanent makeup.

Finally, like any skin or cosmetic treatment – including permanent makeup and microblading – you need to keep up with the maintenance. Depending on the client, I usually see them every 12-18 months for a little touch up to ensure their brows, lips or eyeliner is looking perfect- I call this a Colour Boost. Our faces change over time, so the Colour Boosts are important to make any tweaks (particularly to brows) and ensure that the treatment is enhancing my client’s features. What’s more, I want clients to feel as good as they did the first time they had the treatment.

To book your permanent makeup treatment with me or my Elite Team, or if you have any questions about the treatments call my lovely Client Services Team on: 01977 526085

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